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About Beth Hubbert

Beth Hubbert, is an ARTIST in capital letters, because she simply must create. She is enthused by COLORS and the happiness they may create. Art has been, is, and will continue to be an essential part of her core being. From the beginning when she was first able to hold a crayon and make a mark, art has been deeply rooted in her.  Taking art lessons in elementary school led to a desire to learn more about art in college where she received a fine arts degree in painting and drawing. She later returned to college to become certified as an all level art educator to enable her to share the passion for creative learning with young people in public and private art education. After leaving the education profession, she began her own business in creating and selling paintings. Her journey has included her husband and her four children. Raising triplet daughters and a 15-month younger son added color and delight to her creativity in unimaginable ways. With her children grown, she is now assisted in her studio by her two loyal dogs who know the routine of turning the music up and shutting the world out while the paintings emerge. Beth enjoys experience inspired creations varying as widely as colorful landscapes to whimsical birds to abstract paintings and collages. No matter how much she learns artistically, the entire process is a continuous and spectacular journey with her goal being to make someone smile. Beth describes her art quest with one of her favorite quotes from Danny Kaye, “Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can!”

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