Trees on the Rhine River
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Four Flowers
View in Abiquiu, NM
Scenic Byway, CO 18"x24"   $275   #189
Patchwork Landscape
Oaxaca Colors
Sonoma Wildflowers
View of San Gimignano, Tuscany
Texture Heart 6
Chickens Talking
Happy Flowers Arrive
Heart Serendipity
Casa Batllo, Barcelona, Spain
Pastoral Landscape
Warm Mountain
Night Sky
Abstract Red Shapes
Flower Power
San Gimignano, Italy
Blue Hills
Near Abiquiu, New Mexico
Can We Be Friends?
Field of Colors
Trail to Phoenix Park, Creede, CO
Red Flower
Majestic View, Phoenix Park Trail, Creede, CO
Red Sun Going Down
Magnificent Cow
Southwest Desert Symphony
Remember That Summer in Venice?
Color Play
Summer Solstice
Dark Night Sky